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photo of Mary Twyman Kayler

     The first Armstrong Chapter Regent, Mary Twyman Mrs. Paul A.) Klayder, was born on February 24, 1880, near Armstrong, Missouri.   She was the oldest child of Joel Kirtley and Frances Bell Briggs Twyman.

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The History of Armstrong-Glasgow Chapter

     The Armstrong-Glasgow Chapter NSDAR was organized July 16, 1917, with Mrs. Mary Twyman Klayder as Organizing Regent, appointed by Mrs. George T. Guernsey, President General of the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution.   The twelve charter members were: Mrs. Aileen Herndon Denny, Mrs. Elizabeth Yancey Evans, Miss Mary Jane Howard, Mrs. Elizabeth Walton Johnson, Mrs. Mary Twyman Klayder, Mrs. Louila Howard Lyle, Mrs. Margaret Hackley Markland, Miss Genelle Maupin, Mrs. Bennie Reynolds O’Dell, Mrs. Etta Collins Walker, Mrs. Mabel Brown Walker, and Mrs. Mary Howard.

     During the World War, the chapter had eight stars on the Service Flag.   Miss Naomi Walton was in the Army School of Nursing at Camp Wheeler, Macon, Georgia.   Others were brothers and sons of other members.

     In later years, the members from Glasgow formed a new chapter and ours became the Armstrong Chapter NSDAR.

Armstrong Chapter NSDAR Today

     At the present time, the Armstrong Chapter has 36 members, including one 40-year member, and 3 junior members.      Currently we are meeting at noon on the third Saturday of the month.   Chapter meetings are held during September, October, November, March, April, and May.   June highlights a special Flag Day celebration with other Missouri DAR Chapters at Roslyn Heights, our Missouri DAR state headquarters in Boonville.   Our meetings include devotions, patriotic exercises, the President General's message, a National Defense report, Constitution Week report, Commemorative Event, the Indian Moment, and a program of patriotic, educational, or historical interest.   Each year our members enjoy a special program on Womens Issues.

     Please contact us for further information if you are interested in joining us for a meeting.

2008-2010 Officers

                        Regent--Joanna Burkett
                        Vice Regent--Barbara Ronimous
                        Recording Secretary--Linda Franklin
                        Corresponding Secretary--Michelle Wetzel
                        Treasurer--Karen Luzzo
                        Chaplain--Joyce Harlan
                        Registrar--Rosie Williams
                        Historian--Janice Hall
                        Librarian--Deborah Walker

Honorary Regents

                        Deborah Walker
                        Laurana Schamma


     As in all NSDAR chapters, the members of the Armstrong Chapter are each lineal descendants of a Patriot of the American Revolutionary War who either gave aid or served as a soldier.   We honor these ancestor patriots and the veterans throughout American history by sponsoring a Patriot of the Month and participating in community events for Memorial Day, Flag Day, and Veterans Day.   Among our most recent patriotic endeavors was the distribution of flag pins and certificates to the community.

     The Armstrong Chapter NSDAR sponsors the Howard County Lewis and Clark C.A.R. (Children of the American Revolution).   We have at least one joint meeting per year with this society. We participate in the Good Citizen Awards and encourage school children in our community to enter our History Contests and participate in Constitution Week.