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Lawrence County, Missouri

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After the Osage Indians departed for Oklahoma before 1830, the first white settlers, from Tennessee and Kentucky, made their homes in what would become Lawrence County in Southwest Missouri. There were beautiful prairies which the settlers named Ozark Prairie, Spring River Prairie, Rock Prairie, Buck Prairie, Lick Prairie, and Elk Horn Prairie. Aurora, Missouri, is located in Elk Horn Prairie which was named for the numerous horns of the elk laying about the prairie and where the Elk Horn Trading Post had been established. When Elk Horn Prairie Chapter NSDAR was organized October 14, 1977 in Aurora, it seemed only fitting that the chapter be named after our beautiful prairie.

Members of the Elk Horn Prairie Chapter NSDAR are from several counties in rural Southwest Missouri, including Lawrence County, Barry County and Stone County. Our chapter has various projects which show our dedication to the DAR goals of patriotism, education, and historical preservation.


--Recognize outstanding American History students in the area high schools.
--Recognize Good Citizenship in the area middle schools.
--Recognize Good Citizens in the area high schools.
--Support the Veterans' Home in Mt. Vernon.
--Celebrate Constitution Week and patriotic holidays.

Our chapter meets on the first Thursday of the months of September through June at 1:00 p.m. and enjoys programs of patriotic, educational, and historic value. Please contact us if you are interested in joining DAR and would like to attend one of our meetings. Guests are welcome.

Our chapter officers are: Regent, Linda Love; Vice Regent, Anna Seburn; Chaplain, Cheryl Schoen; Recording Secretary, Sherry Meyer; Corresponding Secretary, Myrna Fischer; Treasurer, Sandy Mason; Registrar, Charlotte Cole; Historian, Myrna Fischer; Librarian, Mrs. John Cooper.

Each member of the DAR is a lineal descendant of a Patriot who gave aide or was a soldier in the Revolutionary War. Facts about DAR and information about joining DAR are available at the National Society DAR web site. Further information about DAR is available at: National Society DAR and Missouri State Society DAR.

Honoring our Patriots, we invite you to view our "Patriots" PDF file, which we present to thank our chapter Revolutionary War Patriots whose sacrifices led to the many freedoms we enjoy in the United States of America. You must have Adobe Reader on your computer to view this file which may be downloaded for free.

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Information about the history of Aurora, Lawrence County, Missouri, is from Lawrence County Missouri History, published by the Lawrence County Historical Society, Chapter IX, "City, Towns, and Villages" and Goodspeed's History of Lawrence County, Missouri, 1888. NSDAR Approval Logo

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